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The musings of a DC fashion design college student on fashion, beauty, health, body positivity, plus size fashion, life, and everything in between.
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Hey Big Trender (fashion&beauty&health)
 abagaail: Hunty hunty can we colab on this plus size line?? I'm design major at MTSU and I know we'd be the BEST of friends omg I love you

I am so sorry for replying this late. I’ve been a bit caught up with school & work. A colab would be fabulous! It’s funny because I’ve been thinking of bringing back my store, but using handmade things instead.

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health: weight loss update

It’s been two weeks & drum roll please!!………….

I lost 12 pounds. woo :D!

Granted some of it’s probably water weight, but I’m still pretty pumped. :)

In two-three weeks I’ll have a photo update.

On a completely other note. I’m finally getting my juju babe sandals. :S American Apparel had my shoes on back order.

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30 Day Challenge


I like to take on monthly 30 Day Challenges! Its a good way to keep me focused, motivated, allows me to try new things, and obviously to challenge myself :) Wanna join in? Continue reading below and check out what challenge I’m currently on!

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US ,20 size 18-20  
you lovely ladies are just lovely (:  
come bye and say hi :)

Fave post work out snack!
health: 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and tuck your tummy tight…

It’s pretty much been a week, so I thought I’d do a lil recap.

I bought mah self a fruit & vegetable juice extractor. :) It’s somewhat of a baby juicer, which is really all I need for the time being. I got it for $30 at Big Lots. 

My reason for buying the juicer is because I’m going to start a juice detox in about a week. I’ve been collecting recipes from different blogs, and I’m excited! I don’t know how long I’m going to keep it going. I thought I’d start one week at a time. :)


Regarding exercise I’ve been working out for an hour at the gym everyday.

My workout consists of 45 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes running on the treadmill, and some strength training with weights. 

I’ll be doing this for about another week or so to get my body adjusted, and then I’ll go back to running outside (along with working out at the gym) & doing 2 hours of fitness instead of 1.


Food :D…my favorite part.

I’ve been trying to keep my calories to about 1200 everyday, and it consists typically of almond milk, gluten-free cereal, fruits, vegetables, water, greek yogurt, and soy meat.


From now since when I started I haven’t seen any significant changes, which makes sense. So, no progress pics for this week. I think I’ll do one every five weeks so on May 8th I’ll a lil something for y’all. :). For now, here’s some of my favorite before & after pictures.


After a year of hard work, dedication, motivation, and a lot of vegetables, I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished so many things I have always dreamt of. I’ve had so many incredible people support me throughout this journey on my tumblr and wanted to share my story with all of you. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and stories. You have been my biggest motivation throughout all of this and I could not have done this without you.
Here it is :)



@tameikag: Thank you! @motivationwall for featuring my weight loss story! I’m overwhelmed by the positive comments and new followers (approx. 200!!). Seriously, my goal in life is to help others lose weight because of how amazing I feel. After keeping the majority of my weight off for 5 years I’ve now realized that I will do everything in my power to help others lose weight the RIGHT way.  Again, so appreciate @motivationwall… Be sure to follow to continually remain inspired!  Ps - I’ve never had almost 1000 likes on any photo. I’m feeling slightly embarrassed but grateful to share my story. It IS possible!
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I’m a believer in New Year’s Resolutions. While most people feel that the resolution to lose weight and get healthy usually ends with you back into your regular habits, for me that wasn’t the case. The start of 2012 was just what I needed to make my decision. These pictures are both taken at the same beach where I live in Hawaii. I used to never want to take pictures at the beach, but the year of 2013 is going to bring lots of beach pictures for me, and I can thank my confidence and happy outlook on life 100% on my decision to get FIT! :)
Follow me HERE and get some freshhhh weight loss tips and motivation :)



Dear everyone who ever called me fat,      LOL.Okay bye.  



i want this. so badly.


On the left.. one of the very few time you would actually catch me wearing shorts or anything of the kind. I say the first 18/19 years of my life I spent it unconsciously trying to hide my body until last summer something came over me and I decided; no more. No more was I going to hide myself. No more am I going to gorge myself on unhealthy food. No more, not ever again and so I began a new healthy lifestyle. I remember almost crying when my fitness instructor told me that I was 190. I actually didn’t know what I weighed. I had avoided the scales for so long, that it really came as a shock to hear what I was. I’m around 46 pounds down, with another 14 to go, and I’m really enjoying life.. I almost feel like I’m a new person. someone who’s always smiling and looking on the brighter side of things.. Not that I was a negative person to start with but I just feel… Like I’m me.. Like all the weight I’ve shed has really made me discover the core person I am inside. I’ve discovered that I am a person of strength.. and that when I set my mind to things I really can achieve my goals. I discovered that I love the gym! Haha.. who would have thought.. me the person who used to take the lift everywhere.. I love gymming. 46lbs down. 14lbs to go :)

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fashion: I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly


Remember these?

I had a version of the iconic 90s Juju jelly sandals in elementary school (minus the heel). I was literally obsessed with them.

Now about 10 or so years later, I decided to get myself a pair. 

I got them in black in a size 11 on American Apparel’s website, and they should be here by the end of next week.

Babe JuJu’s worn with tights #A/WJellies

I don’t think anyone truly understands how excited I am to get them. :D For the past hour I’ve been obsessing over outfits on Tumblr & Blogspot of people wearing their Juju Babes (the name of the heeled jujus).

Rita Ora, Pierre Edwards, Elle Fanning, and Azealia Banks are some of the celebrities that I’ve seen sporting them.

Ha I know some of you probably think these are the ugliest shoes ever and that they should stay in the 90s, but I find them absolutely adorable. :D

Nicola Roberts wears our black ‘Babe’ JuJu Jelly shoes to this weekend’s Wireless festival.

Jess from Sugarscape wears Babe JuJu jellies in black - see her post here

Company Magazine features JuJu Jellies in their International fashion pages. Clear JuJu Jelly ‘Babes’, perfect summer holiday footwear

JuJu Jelly ‘Babes’, behind the scenes with stylist Zoe Whitfield, more pictures here on Fashion Field

I could continue you to spam you with Juju porn (…wow does that sound weird), but I’ll let you check out their tumblr & their website

For the meantime I’ll just be waiting patiently for these adorable shoes.

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fashion: I’m gonna pop some tags…

…at the fabric store.

I went to the thrift store last week, which mentioning that…I’ll be putting up a little DIY video soon. I bought this beautiful Dashiki and a Sokoto from there and it’s about 3 sizes too big, so I want to do something with it.

Anyways, fabric store. :D I have some plans for the next three months that require buying a truckload of fabric. I’d love to delve into why, but y’all will find out later.

What I can say is that velveteen is going to be my best friend for the next three months. :)

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 mzmegs: I don't know if you've ever heard of the store called maurices but you should definitely chek them out. They have plus sizes up to 4X and aren't super duper expensive most of the time. Maurices is my favorite clothing store ever and I never have a problem finding clothes I love there. :D

I am so sorry for responding so late. I’ve been super busy with school, so I haven’t been on this account in ages! Thank you so much for the tip. I recently moved to Georgia, so I just got introduced to Maurices. We don’t have much of them up in Michigan. 

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health: my weight loss journey


From the summer of 2011 till well now. I’ve lost a total of 50+ pounds.

My honest reason for losing weight was because I was tired of being teased and my self-esteem had gotten to an all time low.

& before I continue, for anyone losing weight because of similar reasons. YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CONSIDER DROPPING THE POUNDS.

…because if you didn’t love yourself before, you’re not going to love yourself after.

A goal of mine is to make women realize everywhere that beauty comes in all sizes. I didn’t realize that when I started my weight loss journey. Instead I figured it out after.

 The picture on the left is from my senior year of high school. The picture on the right was taken about a week ago.


…ha just ignore the awkward face. I can never take a truly serious picture.

I went from a size 22/24 to a 12/14. I’m proud of how far I’ve gotten and I plan to continue my weight loss journey through this summer.

The biggest thing that helped me shed the weight was not eating a lot of red meat, not eating a lot of carbs, and running. Since my decision to lose weight I absolutely love running. I did a 5K last summer, and plan on doing another one during the beginning of my upcoming fall semester.

So my goals for this summer are to:

  • lose an additional 20-30 pounds
  • go from eating just chicken to omitting all meat
  • get prepared for the 5K
  • & continue to love myself

Throughout the summer I’ll post picture updates, recipes, and exercise tips.

If you have any questions about my weight loss journey or about losing weight. Feel free to hit up my ask. :)

Also, there’s a big difference between being skinny & being healthy. Please keep that in mind when trying to loose weight!

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