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All That Glitters

I don’t think I’ll do an outfit of the day today, simply because this is sort of a lazy day for me. However, tomorrow I’ll definitely have one because it’ll be my “first day” of work at Soma Intimates. It’s training, but I’m still considering it work because I have to adhere to the dress code.. 

And I know I’m late…but Happy Mother’s Day to those out there that are mothers, planning on being a mother, have a mother, have a mother figure in their life, and etc. :)


If you didn’t already know, Betsey Johnson is filing for bankruptcy…which is unfortunate because I truly admire her and her quirky brand. However, according to the Huffington Post, the designer will still, “oversee her sportswear (the moderately-priced goods found in department stores), the accessories (good ol’ Betseyville) and other licenses…[and] has a reality show in the pipeline”.

..I don’t know about anyone else, but I would definitely watch her on TV.

Now because of all of this, everything on the Betsey Johnson collection website and in stores is on sale! :)

I got inspired by some of the jewelry on the site and made two outfits. If you click the titles of the outfits, it’ll take to Polyvore and show you where to buy everything. 

Laced Up
Laced Up by godsavethechic
That necklace was one of the first pieces that really caught my eye. I love really busy necklaces, and I thought this one would go great with a lace tank from Forever 21 and a pair of cropped jeans from Nordstrom. I’d probably wear this on a date or out with some friends.
Cupcakes by godsavethechic
I love flowers, so when I saw this necklace I was naturally quite excited. The necklace exudes a very girly and playful nature, so I paired it with a striped peplum top from Fashion to Figure and a pair of pink flats from H&M. I’d wear this outfit almost anywhere. The necklace also reminds me of cupcakes…however, I think it’s just my stomach talking. Mentioning cupcakes, those cupcakes in the last square are from Georgetown Cupcakes. If you ever happen to be in the DMV area I highly recommend going there. They have a location in Georgetown and one in Bethesda, MD. They also have a location in New York City (SoHo), Boston, and LA.
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