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Hey Big Trender (fashion&beauty&health)
2 years ago | 02:08pm

Outfit of the Day ~ 7/18/12

Dress: Forever 21+, 2X

Tights: Walgreens

Shoes: Shoe Show, 12

Earrings: Beauty Supply Store

The only place I need to go to is JoAnn; therefore, I wasn’t really trying to go all out on my outfit.

This is my #1 go to outfit for when I need to get somewhere quickly. I love these tights to death, and I love the lace detail on the shift dress.

I felt the need to show that I tried to work on my makeup this morning (hopefully you can tell).

I’m not a big makeup person, and I’d really like to be. Therefore, I’ve been trying different looks, reading magazines, searching the web, and watching videos on YouTube for inspiration. 

The eyeshadow is from the Naked palette by Urban Decay. 

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